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I Cloud

I Cloud was an artwork conceived for Inter-Discourse: The Architecture of the Senses March 2016. This installation relates to touch, vision and sensuality. The work comprises 3 flyscreen doors threaded with white feathers and a feather impregnated floor mat to create a tiny feather room for the viewer to enter and touch, immerse themselves in.I Cloud 1 a I Cloud Jack 2a

Water Table

Water Table was an artwork conceived for Inter-Discourse : The Architecture of the Senses relating to depth and perception. This is a sonic/video floor work housed in a galvanised steel drum. The onlooker has to step up and peer in.Water Table 1 copy Water Table copy 2

Interdiscourse: The Architecture of the Senses

Spectrum NOW Festival March 2016 at NORTH Contemporary Art Space

I hear and want to see. I see and want to touch. I touch and want to smell. I smell and want to taste. I taste, smell, touch, see and hear through the instrument that is me, now.

Collaboration: Ingrid van der Aa, Tamsin Salehian, Gloria Florez, and Christine Simpson


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